Shaped from the Earth – Ceramic exhibition at the Millennium Gallery

One of my new vessels will be in the ‘Shaped from the Earth‘ show that opens at the Millennium Gallery here in Sheffield this Saturday. I am happy to be included in this show and I think it will be interesting.¬†Actually I am excited about Saturday when it opens. The exhibition is curated by PennyContinue reading “Shaped from the Earth – Ceramic exhibition at the Millennium Gallery”

The story behind my new Wildflower Vessels

For a few months I’ve been working on some new pieces of work inspired by British wildflowers. These have been fired in my wood/soda kiln. The decoration has been inspired from poppies growing everywhere where there is an opportunity. You find them in gardens, on wast-grounds in the city, in fields. Red, yellow and orange.Continue reading “The story behind my new Wildflower Vessels”