Yorkshire Artspace- Open Studios 16th&17th November

We are having our annual Open Studios from 11am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday 16 and 17 of this month. This year it will be mostly work in progress, as I am working for my solo show in April 2020. This show will be  at the Persistence Works Gallery . It is new ceramics I have beenContinue reading “Yorkshire Artspace- Open Studios 16th&17th November”

Yorkshire Artspaces, Open Studios

17 & 18 November 11am-4PM My studio, Studio 18 will be open and I welcome visitors to have a look at my work in progress. I am working on pieces for my solo show in 2020. This exhibition will be centred on works I have developed taking inspiration from drain covers around Sheffield. I shallContinue reading “Yorkshire Artspaces, Open Studios”

Yorkshire Artspace Open Studio 2017 17-19 November

I am working on getting ready for this years Open Studio weekend. What I will be showing is a series of cast taken from the streets of Sheffield, from the parks and a bit further away the beach. Casts from the street is a couple of casts from manhole covers, quite old one with beautifullyContinue reading “Yorkshire Artspace Open Studio 2017 17-19 November”

Saltaire Festival 8th-17th September 2017

Some of my garden ceramics will be part of the Sculpture Trail and be displayed at Peter Reeds small garden at 11 Katherine Street. The Open Garden will take place the first weekend-8th-9th September and I shall try to be there most of the time to meet visitors and answer questions on my works. IContinue reading “Saltaire Festival 8th-17th September 2017”

‘To please a few’ Cupola Contemporary Art’s Christmas Show.

My soda/wood fired vessels are shown at Cupola Gallery in their Christmas Exhibition. I much enjoyed making these large  nature inspired vessels . The vessels combine porcelain and stoneware, it create a lot of tensions during the firing, and I get cracks and they split, but it is exciting to watch what the material canContinue reading “‘To please a few’ Cupola Contemporary Art’s Christmas Show.”