Yorkshire Artspace Open Studio 2017 17-19 November

I am working on getting ready for this years Open Studio weekend.

What I will be showing is a series of cast taken from the streets of Sheffield, from the parks and a bit further away the beach.

Casts from the street is a couple of casts from manhole covers, quite old one with beautifully hand carved letters. I have made plaster moulds from the cast I have taken from the metal covers, and they are now stoneware and porcelain pieces to be exhibited.

From the parks are seed pods and bird feathers.

Bird feathers are everywhere, on the paths in the park, on the pavements in town and on the sand on the beach. All different in shape and colour, endless inspiration.

The seedpods does not strictly come from a Sheffield park, but from a large tree at the ceramic centre I went to in Hungary last summer. I started some plaster moulds there, inspired by the seedpods,P1010043P1010105.JPG and have now cast stoneware and porcelain shapes from them.

The stoneware casts from the beach shows different patterns in sand. I have made them into cushion like pieces.

It is all about looking around and enjoying what is interesting and beautiful in our environment.


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