Urban Joy – an exhibition by Hanne Westergaard

contemporary ceramics, ceramics sheffield, ceramic seed pods

I am delighted to announce a major exhibition of my ceramics, Urban Joy, which will be held in April 2020 across two venues – Yorkshire Artspace: Persistence Works and the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield.

The exhibition will show new works inspired by my environment in Sheffield and the surrounding countryside. It will also include earlier pieces to tell the story of my many years working in clay.

Pots by Hanne Westergaard for thee Urban Joy exhibition at Yorkshire Artspace Sheffield

Much of my recent works are slipcase in stoneware and porcelain, cast from plaster moulds and, while the exhibition is on, I will be demonstrating the process of mould making and slip casting each Friday from 2-4 pm in the gallery at Yorkshire Artspace: Persistence Works.

Works at the Persistence Works Gallery will be for sale, to be collected after the exhibition.

The exhibition takes place from 10 April – 9 May 2020.

Urban Joy exhibition 2020 Hanne Westergaard

Urban Joy – an exhibition by Hanne Westergaard

10 April – 9 May 2020

Urban Joy – an exhibition of ceramics in two Sheffield venues: Yorkshire Artspace: Persistence Works Gallery and Millennium Galleries, Sheffield.

Yorkshire Artspace: Persistence Works Gallery,
21 Brown Street,
Sheffield S1 2BS

Open Wednesday to Saturday 11am-4pm

Millennium Galleries,
Arundel Gate,
Sheffield S1 2PP

Open Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm.
Open Sundays 11am-4pm.
Open until 8pm every Thursday.
Bank Holidays 11am -4pm.

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